Friday, March 27, 2015

The Belgariad - A Favorite

I am constantly looking for Arabic blogs which talk about favorite Arabic books. Little to none exist when it comes to Arabic Science Fiction & Fantasy (SFF). 

As a teen, I didn't have the Internet to scour for the latest SFF. I had to rely on my Summer trips to London with the family in order to find those gems sitting on a shelf with thousands of other good SFF works. One day I found a magazine which introduced me to something called "The Science Fiction Book Club", located in the US. You subscribe, and it would regularly send you a catalog with the latest SFF books. That's how I bought my books, and was introduced to some of my favorite SFF books.

And that is how I bought 2 large volumes under the title, The Belgariad. They contained all five books of a series by an author I'd not known before: David Eddings. I loved the series, and every few years I would reread. One of my children also fell in love with it, and read it so many times that the books were ruined.

Here is a wonderful review which describes how I feel about it now. Enjoy.

In the World of Fantasy Literature, David Eddings Is Truly Magic

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