Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tell me something I don't know

I was watching the news earlier tonight. As usual, local news, international news, and like clockwork, the weather. Always amusing really. I mean it's the UAE.. we're a desert country.. what are they telling us that we don't know? Tomorrow is going to be sunny with temperatures soaring to the high 40's... NO! Really? That's news to me? So what happens to all the snow that accumulated tonight? Does it melt?

Here, we have two seasons: Summer.. and January. That's it! It's not very complicated - learn it by heart.

It's not like Great Britain, where you can actually experience almost 3 different seasons in the span of 12 hours or so. When I'm in London, I really pay close attention to the weather report at night. So the next day I wake up, and I check outside. Yep, looks cloudy; must be rain coming as they'd predicted. Put on a jacket, pick up the bulky, inconvenient umbrella, and leave. 15 minutes later, it's very sunny, I'm sweating and I have to carry this umbrella around even though I won't need it. A couple of hours later, one of my sons decides to go home; so I send the umbrella with him. Sure enough, 15-30 mins later, it's raining heavily. Frigging British weather!

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