Friday, February 16, 2007

Bad Decision

After spending 2 months preparing everything for the biggest ladies sports tornament in the Gulf region, and after 8 gruelling days of the actual tournament, I was ready for my very favorite thing in the world - watching a new movie. What?! It's how I relax, OK?!

So Obsidian asks herself: What should I go spend 30 Dhs on?.... Oh yeah! Will Smith's latest movie, The Pursuit of Happyness (where he looks terribly un-Will smith-like). And sure enough, I SMS my friends, we gather at the movies, and the lights go out - everything on schedule.

30 minutes into the movie, the misery, desperation and depression becomes overpowering. I turn to my friends, and in a loud voice which can be heard by most ppl around us, I comment: "If this movie doesn't have a happy ending, I'm killing myself!" I mean the misery of it all made me miss the agony of organizing 15 teams from 6 countries in 3 different sports... a whopping 202 participants, not to mention committees, volunteers and stupid refrees who seem to be the least mature people I've ever come across, not to mention the bitching of the heads of delegations, nitpicking over everything and accusing us all of cheating.

I should have gone to see GhostRider!!


Fatima said...

Lets watch Ghost Rider!!

ØߊĮĐĮÅŊ said...

Yeah! How does Friday sound to you?

Fatima said...

Sounds good :D

btw, check out my new blog. Haven't posted anything yet: