Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day 2 in Maldives

Right... Time we got down to business... Get your minds out of the gutter - I meant snorkelling of course, that’s the whole point of the trip! Our water villa is located directly above the water with metal stairs leading into the water which are only accessible from our terrace.

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Hubby rents goggles, breathing tube and flippers. I dress in my black widow outfit with a t-shirt on top to prevent sun burn to my exposed back and neck. Black hair cap in place after using kerastase hair protection spray, we step into cool blue waters. Niiiice! But it’s a bit awkward with the current and 2 flippers... I shriek and giggle a lot while maintaining death grip on hubby‘s t-shirt.. After 20 mins I give up coz I kept panicking... Sigh! He of course spends 45 mins enjoying the underwater show.

Showered, then while peeing in the loo a roach crawled under my feet. I screamed for my husband who was on his mobile. My knight in shining armor walked in stepped on it while I continued to shriek with my feet off the floor of the loo, then he walked out still speaking to god knows who, who has heard me shriek in the loo! (cringe)

Left hubby napping & circumnavigated the island - not a huge feat as it only takes 15 mins. While exploring am fully clad in jeans, shirt, dress & shailah.... Not your classic beach attire. Europeans stare while I ignore them and hum along with my ipod. The sights are just gorgeous! Everything there is breathtaking!

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Spotted movement in the water, moved closer.. Cool... Small sharks.

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What?! R u kiding me?! I must have seen at least 6 different ones all around the island. So naturally I paid a visit to the reception.

Me: “Hi, listen I’m not in the habit of swimming with sharks. What are they doing all over the place?”
Reception: “ma‘am, they are baby sharks” ... (Like that explains it somehow!)
Me: “…………..Well, I assume they have teeth, right?
Reception: “Yes, ma‘am but they don't bite. No one has gotten hurt.”
Me: “So what do I do if I come face to face with one?”
Reception: “Ma’am, ignore them and they will ignore u

What a novel concept! I wonder if there‘s a similar reception desk underwater for the baby sharks where they are given similar instructions! Otherwise this would be pretty much a one sided agreement.

After sunset the island is not fully illuminated - either for economic or romantic reasons. Walking the dark paths it’s not hard to imagine someone stalking you or jumping you - every nightmare script adapted to B movies runs thru your mind. Beyond the shore you can see distant lights from nearby islands or passing ships & boats. Standing on the water villa terrace you cannot help but feel like the whole world ends where the circle of villa lights end.

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