Friday, March 30, 2007

My Trip to the Maldives

Day 1: Arrived in sunny, hot and sticky “Male” at about 8 am, Maldives time. Boarded a nice launch which took us and a couple which suspiciously looked like Arab honeymooners/lovers to Baros Resort. Trip was a bit bumpy, hubby felt uneasy; but MY motion sickness medication worked FINE yay! Twenty minutes later, the island looms in view, and it is everything like the photographs and more. Usually, photos don’t really show you reality; but THIS!!! THIS was IDENTICAL! Everything looked so great!

After registration, we walked along a shaded footpath, and quickly reached the raised platforms area where our water villa overlooked the widest panorama of the ocean, with nothing to break the view but two distant islands.

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Having spent the night on an airplane; we quickly crashed in bed and slept for 5 hours. Woke up close to sunset - a most gorgeous, picture perfect, pastel sunset! I took pics :D

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At night our villa has the coolest breeze on the island. Everywhere else the foliage blocks the breeze.
Walking around we looked for the shop, but unfortunately they didn't have hair brush - yes I forgot to bring mine! Dammit!

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