Friday, January 27, 2012

Arab Women Sports Tournament - Sharjah

Next week, hundreds of sportswomen will converge on Sharjah, UAE to take part in the first Arab Women Sports Tournament (AWST). This might sound like routine in other parts of the world; but it is literally the first tournament of its kind in the Arab world. That can't be correct, some would say; there are dozens of other tournaments where female teams compete in various sports! Well, yes; but only one sport at a time. There are basketball tournaments, or volleyball or table tennis. However, never has any country or entity organized a women's tournament which involved teams from the Arab world competing in 5 sports at one time.

In 1982, Sheikah Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, wife of the Ruler of Sharjah founded the first ladies club in the UAE. In addition to the private beach, ice skating rink, day care center, banquet hall, fine dining restaurant, beauty boutique, spa, fitness center and arts center, the club also is home to an indoor gym, tennis courts and shooting gallery. Since 1997, the Sharjah Ladies Club has been organizing the only GCC sports tournament where teams from the Gulf states annually compete in 3 different sports. However, that was still not enough; the chairperson of the club, Sheikha Jawaher had bigger dreams. She wanted to give the chance to more female teams to meet and share their love for sports here in the UAE.

AWST will take off on 2.2.2012 here in Sharjah and will continue for 10 days. Twelve countries are sending their best teams to compete in Basketball, volleyball, table tennis, shooting and athletics, with UAE teams making it 13 in all. The UAE team is made up entirely of the Sharjah Ladies Club's teams who have been training very hard throughout the year, achieving one victory after another in virtually every local tournament.

For all you lovers of sports, you don't need to travel anywhere to witness the event of the year - in fact there is no where else you will get a chance like this. Come join us for ten days and cheer your favorite team. I'm going to be there.

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Daniel said...

Tehran, Iran held Muslim Women's Games in 1993, 1997, 2001 and 2005, which grew larger with each edition. The 2005 Games had 44 nations, over 1300 athletes, and 18 sports.